The original mission of the reestablishment of Eijkman Institute is "to advance fundamental knowledge in the field of molecular cell biology, and to apply such knowledge to the understanding, prevention and treatment of human diseases" in Indonesia.

As the institute has been growing steadily, the current activities conducted in the institute are now aimed at advancing the progress of basic and applied research related to molecular biology in Indonesia, focusing on the biomedicine, biodiversity, biotechnology and biosecurity, as well as translating the findings of the research for the benefits of Indonesian community.

To help achieving the mission, the institute has spesific objectives:

  • to encourage and carry out fundamental research focusing on the applications of molecular biology to medicine
  • to establish a national source-laboratory of state-of-the-art technologies and expertise in molecular biology
  • to apply the above technologies to the advancement of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the tropics
  • to attract research funds from both national and international sources by establishing the international recognition of the institute's research excellence
  • to provide post-graduate training facilities in molecular biology and biomolecular engineering of an international standard
  • to accelerate the development of medical biotechnology competence in Indonesia, by functioning as the focal-point in the national collaborative network
  • to promote international scientific exchanges by way of formal links with overseas research institutions and by attracking international visiting scholars