Michelle Marcella

SSAT site study physician


  • Master of Occupational and Environmental Health, Monash University, Australia (2021)
  • Medical Doctor, University of Indonesia (2013)
  • Bachelor of Medicine, University of Indonesia (2012)

Prior to joining EOCRU In July 2021, Michelle worked in various sectors relating to the health system. She developed her interests in occupational and environmental health from her work in the national governing body, focusing on health issues in female workers and exposures to hazardous substances in the workplace. She later worked in an environmental NGO that provides health services in rural settings where she supervised a community-based TB treatment program. Her experience in healthcare management was further developed while working in an occupational health clinic, managing daily operations in clinical laboratory and handling healthcare-related projects such as workplace medical check-up and vaccination programs.


  • Environmental health
  • Infectious diseases
  • Occupational health
  • Planetary health