Soraya Weldina Ragil Dien

Public Engagement Officer


  • Design of Visual Communication (BA)

Soraya Dien, also usually called Ragil, joined Eijkman Oxford Clinical Research Unit (EOCRU) Indonesia since May 2018 in the newly created role of Public Engagement Officer and is responsible to develop and create new EOCRU’s public engagement initiatives to engage the public and specific communities.  Before joining EOCRU, Ragil worked at Switzerland-based NGO where she involves in tourism external development and marketing of 4 tourist destinations in Indonesia. With her expertise in marketing communication and stakeholders’ engagement, Ragil was involved in emergency response and development programs with several organizations since 2005, included being one of Indonesian volunteers who join Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO) program and assigned to be communication adviser for Indian MDGs National Campaign in New Delhi for 1,5 years. 


  • Participatory visual method for science research