Krisin Chand

Field-site Clinical and Microscopic Manager


  • Medical Doctor

About: Dr Krisin is a medical doctor and currently in charge as a site manager for clinical trials in EOCRU. He leads a clinical trial team in primaquine studies in Indonesian soldiers and communities, such as “Improving radical cure of vivax malaria (IMPROV)” project in Hanura, Lampung, Indonesia. He has involved in clinical trial projects for almost 25 years. He is also an expert malaria microscopist and an international trainer for malaria microscopy training. He awarded a Meritorious Service Award for completing missions of medical research and clinical investigation at high malaria endemic areas in Armopa, Papua by the US-military international biomedical research laboratory in Jakarta. Several awards were received for his significant contributions in developing standardized malaria microscopy slides and providing medical services to emergency situations after Tsunami in Nias Island and Yogyakarta’s Earthquake.  


  • History


  • Meritorious Service Award for assistance and cooperation in completing mission of medical research and clinical investigation on the Armopa SP2 Malaria Project, 1996-97,NAMRU-2. 10/1997
  • Senior FSN of the Quarter for NAMRU-2, The 2nd Quarter CY 2005. 5/2005
  • Team of doctors sent to assist ofthe Nias disaster, US Embassy Jakarta. 3/2005
  • Outstanding contribution to standardization of malaria microscopy(MR4) award, NAMRU2. 4/2005
  • US Mission Indonesia Meritorious Honor Award for service and assistance beyond the call of duty to the victims of the
  • June 2006 Yogyakarta Earthquake, helped save many lives and prevented disease and disability from occurring in people affected by the disaster. 8/2006
  • Ten years of service award, US Embassy Jakarta Indonesia. 12/2009


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