Research Assistant


  • Bachelor Degree in Biotechnology (S.Si.), Atmajaya University, Jakarta, Indonesia

About: Jeny earned BSc in Biotechnology. She is a molecular parasitology specialist. She has worked in this field for almost 10 years. Areas of her skill include malaria DNA extraction, multiplex PCR development with Luminex, malaria culture, genotyping, Plasmodium diagnostic with nested and real time PCR, and G6PD. In EOCRU, she is responsible for laboratory works in diagnosis Plasmodium sp. with Luminex and nested PCR, detection P. falciparum with KHARP genes, genotyping Plasmodium vivax with MSP3 and CSP genes, testing of G6PD and CYP2D6. She received trainings on microscopic diagnosis of malaria and Good Clinical Practice.


  • Genotyping
  • Molecular of malaria