Ralalicia Limato

Study coordinator and PhD student


  • 2011 – 2011 Master of Public Health (MPH), Flinders University, South Australia
  • 2010 – 2011 Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition (GDHN), Flinders University, South Australia
  • 1998 – 2004 Doctor of Medicine (MD), Sam Ratulangi University, Indonesia

Joining EOCRU since 2018, Licia demonstrated history of working in the community health settings as a medical doctor and community health educator, and in an eight countries consortium conducting health system research as a research operations manager.

Skilled in mixed-method research, qualitative research, social science in health, health promotion, communication and negotiation skills in delivering health promotion, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), supportive supervision, quality improvement, and monitoring and evaluation using the Most Significant Change (MSC) method. She is an active member of Health System Global (HSG) Community Health Workers Thematic Working Group (TWG) and is serving as a reference group member of the Alumni Professional Development Program (APDP), Griffith University Australia.

Currently, Licia is working as the study coordinator and a PhD student for the EXPLAIN study (Exploration of Antimicrobial Consumption to Identify Targets for Quality Improvement in Indonesian Hospitals: A mixed-method study). EXPLAIN study aimed to explore antimicrobial consumption in hospitalised patients to identify targets for quality improvement of antimicrobial prescribing.


  • Health system and health policy
  • Health-related behaviours and practices
  • Quality in health care


  • 2018 OUCRU PhD Scholarship
  • 2015 The Australian Alumni Grant Scheme: Roadmap towards implementing international standard of National Health Insurance in Indonesia
  • 2014 Honourable mentions in research in gender and ethics (RinGs): picturing gender, ethics, and health system photo competition
  • 2008 Australia Development Scholarship (ADS)


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