Safarina Golfiani Malik

Head of Laboratory


  • PhD (Monash University, Australia)
  • MSc (University of Indonesia, Indonesia)
  • DVM (Bogor Agricultural Institute, Indonesia)

Safarina (Ina) currently serves as Principal Secretary of Eijkman Institute and head of Genome Diversity and Diseases Laboratory. She is the principal investigator for mitochondria and lifestyle diseases research activities. Ina supervises wide range of projects, including malaria in pregnancy, gut microbes studies, and association study of genetic diversity and diseases. 

Ina is actively reviewing research proposal for Risbin Iptekdok and Indonesian Danone Institute. She also has a long list of experience in reviewing journal, including BMC Research Notes, Cardiovascular Diabetology, and International Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences. 

Ina is member of Eijkman Institute Research Ethics Commission and Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia Research Ethics Commitee. She is also scientific member of Indonesian Danone Institute. 



  • Molecular pathology of inherited disorders of the energy-transducing membrane
  • Mitochondrial genetics and dysfunction associated with complex and polygenic diseases
  • Human niche construction
  • Genetic diversity, gut microbes and lifestyle diseases
  • Mechanism of bilirubin toxicity on mitochondrial functions, and bilirubin toxicity in neonates
  • Fetal programming of impaired nutrition: role of malaria infection in pregnancy
  • Maternal genetic factors and response to supplementation during pregnancy.


  • Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemists and Molecular Biologists (FAOBMB) Fellowship to attend the 7th Congress on Advances in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Sydney, Australia (24-29 September 1995)
  • International Genetic Federation (IGF) Travel Bursaries to attend the XIX International Congress of Genetics, Melbourne, Australia (6-11 July 2003)
  • International Mobility Project Fellowship 2006 from AREA Science Park, Trieste, Italy (8 August-4 September 2006)
  • TWAS Research Grant (2006)
  • Visiting Scientist Fellowship 2010 from Centro Studi Fegato, Trieste, Italy (12 February-12 March 2010)
  • Women Reach Initiative 2013 from Harvard School of Public Health (2013)


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