Decy Subekti

Research scientist/manager of clinical microbiology laboratory


  • Ph.D, Clinical Microbiology, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands.

About:            Decy earned BSc in Biology, MSc in Biology and PhD in Clinical Microbiology. Her research interests include antimicrobial resistance testing, bacteria, parasitic and viral diarrheal diseases, enteric fever, bacteremia, febrile illness, and outbreak investigation. She leads the clinical microbiology laboratory in EOCRU and develops effective collaborative supports with the Department of Medicine and Department of Pharmacology at University of Indonesia. In 2005, she awarded by US Embassy in Jakarta for her significant contribution in establishing an Infectious Disease Laboratory in Aceh, Indonesia and medical technology transfers affiliated with the Indonesian Ministry of Health. 


  • Antimicrobial resistance testing
  • Bacteria, parasitic and viral diarrheal diseases
  • Enteric fever/ bacteremia/ febrile illness
  • Infectious diseases investigation


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