Ungke Anton Jaya

Senior Virology Laboratory Analyst


  • Magister in Biomedical Science, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

About: Ungke earned BSc in Biology and MBioMed in Biomedical Science. He has involved in numerous viruses studies for over 20 years with main interests on virology diagnostics, emerging viruses and biology molecular methods. He contributed a co-investigator in a number of virology studies, including identifying emerging viruses in West Java, analyzing viral etiology from febrile patients from various region in Indonesia, and developing a production series of Chikungunya vírus and Japanese vírus antigen for IgM MAC-ELISA method. His previous assignment was Chief of Molecular Laboratory in Virology Department the US-military international biomedical research laboratory in Jakarta. His thesis explored the construction of recombinant plasmid for Dengue-2 DNA vaccine candidate from Indonesian isolates. He received trainings of arboviruses diagnostics and H5N1 sequencing techniques from US CDC. 


  • Infectious Diseases (Virology)
  • Molecular Diagnostic


  • Risbin IptekDok- Ministry of Health 2015


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