To support our research activities, our lab employs virology, immunology, molecular and cell biology techniques.

Dengue Virus Diagnosis dan Detection

Common techniques in dengue detection are used, both for diagnosis in patients' samples and for research purposes:

  • NS1 antigen detection using commercial ELISA and rapid diagnostic tests;
  • IgM and IgG antibody detection using commercial ELISA and rapid diagnostic tests;
  • Dengue virus isolation and culture, using C6/36 mosquito cell line and other cell lines such as Vero, BHK21, etc;
  • Dengue virus detection using immuno-fluorescence assay (IFA);
  • Dengue virus plaque assay for virus titer determination;
  • Dengue virus nucleic acid detection and serotyping using RT-PCR: conventional RT-PCR, SYBR-Green real-time RT-PCR, Simplexa™ Dengue real-time RT-PCR;
  • Viral load measurement using real-time quantitative RT-PCR

Dengue Genome Research

We routinely perform dengue genome sequencing for virus genotyping and genomic analysis. Whole genome/gene sequencing are performed using both capillary and the Next Generation Sequencing in our DNA sequencing facility. Published gene sequences have been deposited in GenBank database.

Host Immune Response Study

In our laboratory, we study the host's immune response against dengue infection by looking at the expression profiles of immuno-proteins such as cytokines/chemokines. The activity is performed using Luminex™-based multi-analytes profiling analysis. In addition to the protein expression profiling, the gene expression profiling is also performed using real-time quantitative RT-PCR.

For host's antibody response against dengue infection, we routinely measure the anti-dengue antibody titer using standardized and quality-controlled Plaque Reduction Neutralization Test (PRNT). This method is used in e.g. monitoring the efficacy of dengue vaccine candidate in clinical trial and in dengue sero-prevalence studies.