Eijkman Oxford Clinical Research Unit (EOCRU)

EOCRU was established in 2008 by a memorandum of understanding between the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology (EIMB) and the University of Oxford, as an embedded unit of the EIMB.  These institutions now collaborate in clinical, laboratory, and field research on infectious diseases of public health importance in Indonesia. EOCRU is directed by Prof J. Kevin Baird and comprises three research groups and five supporting service groups.

The Eijkman-Oxford Clinical Research Unit (EOCRU), with its Indonesian hosts and partners, aims to collaboratively develop and pursue a research agenda of relevance to Indonesian healthcare providers and their patients. We are especially committed to infectious diseases that impose burdens of preventable or treatable morbidity and mortality in Southeast Asia, including tuberculosis, malaria, and other emerging and neglected infections. EOCRU’s vision is to compose an important and highly active centre of biomedical research excellence, with our hosts and partners, focusing on opportunities to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of these endemic infections by conducting robust randomized clinical trials that may directly impact practice and improve the health outcomes in Indonesia and the region.

Along with the development of sciences and technologies in the region, there is an urgent need for a better understanding and communication of science and health issues in the social, cultural and historical context of our research communities. In this light, the EOCRU Public Engagement team works to strength research partnerships by bringing communities and scientists together. 

In the Covid-19 pandemi, EOCRU involves in the scientific research and public engagement.  Our current project is COVID-19 Social Science and Public Engagement Action Research in Vietnam, Indonesia and Nepal (SPEAR): Exploring the experiences and impacts of COVID-19 for healthcare workers and vulnerable communities). The purpose of the project is to draw on anthropological and participatory engagement methods to explore the wider socio-cultural context of COVID-19 and its impact on health-related workers and vulnerable communities in Vietnam, Nepal, and Indonesia in order to inform guidance on strengthening support for health workers and improving access to public health measures for the most vulnerable populations.

Field-base team


 Head Unit : Prof. J. Kevin Baird

Head of Research Group:

Laboratory Manager: Decy Subekti

Clinical Research Operations Manager: Mutia Rahardjani

Operations Manager : Rizky Baihaqi Halim

Financial Manager: Agus