Emerging Virus Research Unit

Emerging Virus Research Unit (EVRU) is the newly established Virology Unit at Eijkman Institute focusing on studies of endemic and emerging viruses circulating in the Indonesian Archipelago. Inaugurated in 2012, it is supported by the Indonesian Government, US-CDC, and USAID. 

Main Aims of the unit:

  • To do reserach and to provide data on prevalence of new and emerging viruses (etiology of disease) specifically those with pandemic risk in the Indonesian Archipelago.
  • To develop and improve diagnostic capabilities for emerging viruses.

EVRU is a laboratory level 2 unit, consisting of 4 different compartments to support its platforms. The first compartment is reagent preparation room, which is dedicated for making master mix and store all free nucleic acid reagents. The second is extraction and amplification room. The third is virus isolation room, the section for propagating the virus using spesific cell lines. The fourth room is anter-room, where we do electrophoresis. EVRU is also equipped with Next Generation Sequencing (Ion Torrent) machine which  is located in the sequencing unit. 



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