Jan. 28, 2019

New Malaria Vaccine Tecnology Introduced - Presented at Eijkman Institute

A new technology in the search of potent Malaria vaccine was introduced. The technology uses cryopreserve aseptic Plasmodium falcifarum (Pf) sporozoites (SPZ),developed as an injectable PfSPZ-based product that provides high-grade, durable protection against infection with Pf malaria.

Introducing this new hopeful vaccine candidate, Thomas L Richie, MD PhD, Chief Medical Officer, Sanaria Inc., delivered his presentation at Eijkman Institute.

Several PfSPZ-based vaccine candidates are being developed and tested, including PfSPZ Vaccine (radiation-attenuated PfSPZ), PfSPZ-CVac(fully infectious PfSPZ attenuated in vivo by concomitant administration of an anti-malarial drug), and PfSPZ-GA1(PfSPZ attenuated by gene knockout).

The presentation described the three most developed whole PfSPZ vaccine candidates, associated clinical trials,initial plans for licensure and deployment, and long-term objectives for a final product suitable for mass vaccination programs (MVPs) to achieve regional malaria elimination and eventual global eradication.The presentation was also described key innovations associated with PfSPZ development: direct venous inoculation as the route of administration, liquid nitrogen vapor phase cryostorage, use of cryopreserved, non-attenuated PfSPZ to conduct CHMI, and in vitro SPZ production.