May 26, 2016

Special Presentation: Population Dynamics and Community Recovery in Aceh after the Indian Ocean Tsunami

The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami caused unprecedented death and destruction in Aceh, Indonesia. Professor Elizabeth Frankenberg (Director of Department of Public Policy at Duke University, Durham, North California, USA) presented findings on the impact of the disaster for population dynamics over the next five years, including mortality at the time of the event, subsequent health and mortality, fertility, and migration. Implications for population age structure and composition, and overall well-being, are considered as well, particularly in relation to the massive reconstruction effort that took place in Aceh after the event. Data were obtained from the Study of the Tsunami Aftermath and Recovery (STAR), a collaborative project of researchers at SurveyMETER, Duke University, and the University of California, Los Angeles.

The study on imprints of health changes due to the Aceh tsunami is currently underway, including the curious question of whether or not genetic interacts with stressors. Eijkman Institute will join the collaboration to investigate further about this aspect and its subsequent impact on the affected population.