Jan. 24, 2019

UK's expert in Immunology and Infection visited Eijkman Institute - A collaboration underway

Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology was visited by Dr. Peter Barlow, Associate Professor of Immunology & Infection and Director of Research, School of Applied Sciences, Edinburgh Napier University, United Kingdom.

His visit was in accordance with a research collaboration between Universitas Indonesia (UI), Eijkman Institute, and Edinburgh Napier University under the UK-Indonesia Joint Partnership on Infectious Diseases scheme. Dr. Barlow will work with Dr. Anom Bowolaksono from the Department of Biology, FMIPA UI and Dr. Tedjo Sasmono from Dengue Unit, Eijkman Institute on Host Defense Peptide (HDP) as a novel antiviral therapy. The study will focus on characterizing the immunomodulatory and antiviral activities of cathelicidins in the context of DENV infection, through direct antiviral activity and alteration of cell death and survival pathways, as a novel therapeutics approach to developing targeted therapeutic approaches for this infection.