Human Genetics Human Genetics

Research conducted in human population and diversity, genetic diseases and genetic association studies.

Human Genetics Infectious Diseases

Research activities in tropical and emerging infectious diseases such as malaria, dengue and hepatitis.

Human Genetics Genetic Biodiversity

Activities include species and marine microbes strain identification, and wildlife population studies.

Human Genetics Training & Education

Eijkman Institute provides training as well as supervision for under- and post-graduate student projects.

Latest News

Jan. 19, 2018
PUBLIC LECTURE with Professor Michael Fenech
Free public lecture for doctors, nutritionist and molecular biologists
March 8, 2017
SPECIAL LECTURE by Professor David Lambert of Griffith University Australia
Ancient and Contemporary Indigenous Genomics of Aboriginal Australians
Aug. 20, 2016
Eijkman Institute Receives Achmad Bakrie Award
Appreciation for Eijkman Institute's decades long contribution in medical science in Indonesia.
May 26, 2016
Special Presentation: Population Dynamics and Community Recovery in Aceh after the Indian Ocean Tsunami
How does tsunami-affected population strive to live and how does it impact the population structure over the next five years after the disaster? Does genetic change occur and does it affect survivability?
May 2, 2016
Minister of Education for the State of Western Australia visited Eijkman Institute
Honourable Peter Collier MLC, Minister of Education for the State of Western Australia visited Eijkman Institute to discuss potential collaboration and raise awareness of medical molecular biology and biotechnology in the Western Australian universities.

Upcoming Events

Currently there are no upcoming events.